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NERA Annual Conference


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 2013 NERA Conference. Conference participants attended from all across the northeast as well as other regions of the United States, to share their research, learn from one another, chair or organize sessions, facilitate discussions within sessions and volunteer in a multitude of ways to help make this year's conference a success. The program included 2 pre-conference workshops, 5 in-conference workshops, 19 individual paper presentation sessions, 16 symposia, 38 research posters, 3 working group sessions, 4 paper discussion sessions, 7 invited sessions, 2 GSIC sponsored sessions, a keynote speaker and a keynote panel.

We were fortunate to have three entertaining, educational and inspiring talks at the conference. We were privileged to have Charlotte Danielson, internationally-recognized expert in teacher effectiveness, as our keynote speaker and a keynote panel on fairness with Stephen Sireci, Barbara Helms, Kristen Huff, Thomas Levine, David Moss and Thanos Patelis. Their talks were thought provoking and well received. In addition, Thursday night's dinner was followed by an equally informative and entertaining Presidential Address given by Darlene Perner. We would like to thank all of the speakers for their part in making the NERA conference a success.

There were 7 workshops conducted at the NERA conference, 2 pre-conference and 5 in-conference. The pre-conference workshops were led by Jonathan Weeks (Psychometrics in R) and Charles Starkey and Barbara Wilson (Strategies for Differentiating Instruction in Higher Education Classrooms). The five in-conference workshops were led by Felice Billups (Taking the Mystery Out of Qualitative Data Analysis), Lisa Keller and Joseph Rios (Generalizability Theory and Applications), Deborah Bandalos and Jerusha Gerstner (SEM Methods for Assessing Measurement Invariance), Rebecca Woodland (Social Network Analysis and the Diffusion of Innovation in K-12 Education), and John Young and Bjorn Nordtveit (Scientific Peer Review: Roles and Responsibilities). Rebecca Woodland also led an energizing Zumba session for conference participants amid their busy professional activities. We also had seven invited sessions that provided insightful dialogue on a variety of topics covering school safety, international teacher education, new national standards and many aspects of fairness. Each of the workshops and special sessions was well-attended and all received positive feedback.

The Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC), chaired by Jerusha Gerstner, successfully organized two special sessions. We would like to thank Whitney and the other members on the committee: Rochelle Fisher, Oksana Naumento, Sarah Newton, Kristen Smith, Xi Wang and Whitney Zimmerman.

We continued NERA's reputation of having fun entertainment via the band Branded (Anthony Edley and Danielle Greenwood) on Wednesday. On Thursday night, we hosted the NERA "Work Fair, Play Fair" Game Show, followed by music and karaoke by DJ Charley. We would like to thank Peter Swerdzewski for emceeing the game show, as well as all of our contestants for taking part in it. All attendees seemed enjoy both receptions and found them to be a good chance to network with other NERA members.

In addition to acknowledging all of the contributors to the program, we would also like to thank the many volunteers, without whom, the NERA organization and conference would not exist. We thank the 92 NERA members who reviewed conference proposals as the reviews were informative and helped maintain the high quality of the NERA conference proceedings; the session and poster discussants, providing valuable feedback to presenters and informative ideas to all those who attended the sessions; the session chairs, making sure the sessions were coordinated and run on time; and the graduate students who helped manage the registration desk. In addition, we offer a special thanks to Kim Colvin, Fen Fan and Emily Pichette for their administrative support. We are especially indebted to the 2013 NERA President, Darlene Perner; our NERA Treasurer, Elizabeth Stone; our NERA Communications Committee Chair, Jonathan Steinberg; our GSIC Chair, Jerusha Gerstner and the 2012 NERA Conference Co-chairs, Gil Andrada, Tia Sukin, and Craig Wells. Each of them provided invaluable guidance and we are grateful for their assistance.

We would also like to thank all of the conference sponsors, as the conference wouldn't have been possible without their help. Many of the sponsors also provided projectors for the conference and we are thankful for their support in ensuring NERA's technological needs. Additionally, we are grateful to Jenny and Bill at Palisades Convention Management and the wonderful staff of the Sheraton Hartford South Hotel, led by Ha-kyung, Karen, Robert and Wilfredo, for ensuring that everything went smoothly throughout the NERA conference.

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of you for helping in making the NERA 2013 conference successful. At each NERA conference, the NERA members all help make the conference special for educational researchers and as conference co-chairs, it makes our work worthwhile.

We look forward to the exciting program that the 2014 NERA conference co-chairs, Pamela Kaliski, Ross Markle and Javarro Russell, are planning with John Young, the 2014 NERA president and of course, seeing all of you next year at the 2014 conference.

Steven Holtzman and Jennifer Randall
2013 NERA Conference Co-Chairs

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