Ross Markle is the Founder and Managing Director of DIA Higher Education Collaborators. In various roles throughout his career, Ross has worked to study and improve student learning and success in higher education. This began at Northern Kentucky University, where Ross served as the Director of Co-Curricular Assessment & Research. From there, he joined Educational Testing Service, where he served in both research and operational capacities to work with institutions of higher education across the country. In all of these roles, Ross connected research and practice in areas such as advising, course placement, and strategic planning.

These professional experiences were supported by Ross' educational background. Beginning with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Ross then obtained his master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. It was the assessment and measurement program at James Madison University, however, where the seeds of Ross' skills and interests relating to the use of assessment data were planted.

Ross has been an active member of NERA since 2007, when he first attended the conference in Rocky Hill, CT as a graduate student. Since that time, he has served in a variety of roles, including Co-Chair of the Mentoring Program, Conference Co-Chair, and member of the Board of Directors. Among his proudest accomplishments is, alongside Pamela Kaliski, the rekindling of the Mentoring Program. In 2013, Ross and Pamela took over the program after a period of stagnation. Following their efforts - and the continued work put forth by co-chairs since their tenure - the Mentoring Program has become a central part of the NERA experience.

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