Update from the NERA Mentoring Program

Tanesia Beverly, Law School Admissions Council
Jerusha Henderek, National Board of Medical Examiners

    The Mentoring Program’s focus over the past several years has been on the broad development of new and early career NERA members, including work on the research, academic, and professional development fronts. This year, the program matched a record-setting 26 mentor/mentee pairs, continuing the tradition of providing direct networking connections at the conference to a large number of attendees. The Mentoring Program is focused on improving not just the quantity, but the quality of mentoring that occurs during and outside of the annual conference.

    The Co-Chairs would like to thank the mentors for their willingness to share their time, energy, and experiences with fellow NERA members. We know that this work is time consuming, and hope that you benefited from sharing your experience with others.

    Perhaps more importantly, we thank the mentees for their willingness to reach out and ask for mentorship. “Reaching out” is not something any of us are taught to do: asking for mentoring requires the courage to ask for help and the humility to admit there are things you do not know. We applaud mentees for their openness to ask for help, and are grateful to be part of a professional community that is safe and supportive enough for individuals to ask for, and receive, mentoring from fellow members.

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