Bozhidar “Bo” Bashkov is manager of research at IXL Learning. He leads a team of talented research scientists in conducting rigorous efficacy and validity research on IXL, its diagnostic assessment, and other products. Bo is passionate about improving learning through technology. He is especially interested in discovering optimal edtech implementation strategies in the contexts of at-school and at-home learning, so that all students can succeed in PreK-12 and beyond.
Bo holds a master’s in quantitative psychology and a PhD in assessment and measurement from James Madison University. He joined NERA in 2011 and has since served in various roles, including The NERA Researcher co-editor from 2012-2015, webmaster from 2015-2018, Communications Committee chair from 2018-2020, and NERA Board member since 2020. In his role as NERA President, Bo will focus on creating even more networking opportunities for graduate students, increased interdisciplinary dialogue, and public policy on social issues.

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