Update from the NERA Mentoring Program

Bethany Fishbein, Boston College
Kerry Cotter, Boston College
Sarah Ferguson, Rowan University

The NERA Mentoring Program strives to facilitate meaningful connections for NERA participants through two key approaches: 1) conference-based connections, and 2) year-round virtual events/discussions. The conference-based connections this year include the call for potential mentors and mentees sent out to members in early September, keep an eye on your inbox! Our goal with this part of the mentoring program is to connect graduate students and early career professionals with mentors who can provide career and professional advice and ideas specific to each mentees’ goals. In early October, we will use the responses we receive from those interested in participating, to pair mentees and mentors together based on shared interests and career pathways. We hope you will sign up for this opportunity as either a mentor or a mentee!
Like last year, the conference mentoring program will be completely virtual for 2021. We plan to hold a virtual session during the conference week to connect mentors and mentees together in a shared space. More details on that will be shared as we get closer to the conference. We are also strongly encouraging mentors and mentees to extend their interactions beyond the conference week! Mentoring is not only a one-time occurrence; it can also be a series of conversations and connections throughout the year, however the pairs decide. The Co-Chairs will be reaching out to those involved in the Mentoring Program following the conference to check-in and see how things are going. We look forward to continuing our support of these connections following the conference!
Should you have any questions or suggestions for improving the Mentoring Program, please feel free to reach out to the co-chairs at

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