Update from the NERA Mentoring Program

Co-Chairs: Bethany Fishbein, Kerry Cotter, & Sarah Ferguson

The NERA Mentoring Program strives to facilitate meaningful connections for NERA participants through two key approaches: 1) conference-based connections and 2) year-round virtual events/discussions.

The conference-based Mentoring Program has existed since 2012 and serves as a focused, hand-selected match-making process. Each year, the Mentoring Program co-chairs collect information from members who volunteer to be a mentor or want to be mentored. Mentor-Mentee pairs are matched based on research interests, career goals, or areas of desired growth. Pairs are encouraged to communicate before and meet during the annual NERA conference. Participants in this process benefit from receiving a structured and informed match, having dedicated time during the conference to meet, and being able to make new connections outside of their existing social networks.
This year as we plan for a return to in-person conferencing, the Mentoring Program is planning options and opportunities for mentees and mentors to connect both in person and in virtual spaces as best fits needs this fall. More information on the program will be shared as we get closer to the conference dates, so keep an eye on your email this summer if you are interested!
Please feel free to reach out to the co-chairs at should you have any questions or suggestions for improving the Mentoring Program. We are looking forward to working with the NERA membership over the coming year!

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