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NERA 2021 Conference Report and Highlights

Hank Johnson, Haifa Matos, Liz Spratto, Jonathan Steinberg
2021 Conference Co-Chairs

As we reflect on the 2021 NERA conference, we can’t help but think of how grateful we are for our NERA community. Thank you to everyone who attended the conference. We saw over 300 conference registrations this year from all over the nation. So many of you graciously shared your research and were met with great interest and stimulating conversations from conference attendees.
Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, the 2021 NERA conference program included over 40 sessions (including paper sessions, symposia, and poster sessions) with over 120 papers/posters presented. Thank you to those who volunteered to lead workshops, participate in an invited panel, or an invited symposium. You allowed us to offer five invited workshops, an invited panel, and an invited symposium. We would also like to express gratitude to our Keynote speakers, Sarah Cohodes and Jennifer Bell-Ellwanger, for thought-provoking presentations that were very well received! 
We also greatly appreciate Tabitha Bellamy for leading the Calculations and Cocktails Mixology Class and Wesley Lopez for leading the Battledecks social. NERA members enjoyed some laughs through these entertainment events and socialized further with colleagues old and new. On behalf of our student members, thank you to the GSIC for offering the GSIC Journeys session and social event, allowing our graduate and undergraduate members the opportunity to connect.
To our institutional sponsors, thank you for your generosity!  We were able to secure $15,500 in institutional sponsorships thanks to the support of our colleagues at various testing organizations and institutions of higher education.
We also want to thank everyone who volunteered their time as proposal reviewers, session chairs, and discussants. We could not have held this conference without you!  We are also very grateful to the 2020 NERA Conference team, Madison Holzman, Andrew Jones, Thai Ong, and Jonathan Rubright for providing support throughout the year as we transitioned into the Co-chair roles. Also, a special thank you to Tia Fetcher for her unwavering support of NERA, especially for helping us troubleshoot registration issues during the conference.
Finally, we would like to thank YOU, NERA members, for your support and, especially, for your patience as we navigated through the pandemic uncertainty. It’s been said many times, but it cannot be stressed enough, there would not be a NERA conference or organization without you!!
We look forward to supporting the 2022 Conference Co-chairs, Kate Nolan, Frank Padellaro, Beth Perkins, and Duy Pham. We wish them and NERA President Nina Deng all the best in planning the 2022 NERA Conference.
We hope to see you all there!
Hank Johnson, Haifa Matos, Liz Spratto, Jonathan Steinberg
2021 Conference Co-Chairs



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