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2022 Conference Report and Highlights

Kate Nolan, Frank Padellaro, Duy Pham, Beth Perkins
2022 NERA Conference Co-Chairs

The 2022 NERA conference team hopes you all had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! We had so many memorable moments during the conference from the beginning to the end. So let us take this opportunity to share with you some highlights.
Under the  Supporting Student Learning in a Dynamic Environment theme, we had more than 100 speakers and researchers presenting in 44 sessions throughout the three days. Altogether, we had 221 participants attending the event for the first in-person conference after the pandemic. Throughout the conference, we kept hearing enthusiastic feedback about our keynote speakers, invited sessions, and the academic quality of our presentations.
Christina Cipriano’s and Darrell Earnest’s keynote presentations matched well with the conference theme and were insightful, entertaining, and inspiring. The training workshops were well attended and well received by the attendees. Many would agree that the Karaoke and performances by our NERA members on Thursday night were among the best social events we’ve had at the conference in recent years.
We want to thank our institutional sponsors for their incredible generosity! We received over $25,000 in institutional sponsorships thanks to the support of our members at various organizations and institutions. We are also pleased to report that we beat conference expenses with a positive cash flow at the bottom line while keeping the registration fees affordable for our members and graduate students.
Below are some pictures that remind us of our wonderful time during the conference. All the photo credit goes to Brandi Ediss, spouse of our very own Frank Padellaro. More photos can be found here.
Now we pass the baton to the 2023 NERA co-chairs and look forward to supporting them as they plan for our upcoming conference.
Thank you very much for participating in NERA 2022, and we are looking forward to seeing you all in Trumbull this coming October!
Nina Deng, Kate Nolan, Frank Padellaro, Duy Pham, Beth Perkins



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