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2020 Virtual Conference Highlights

Madison Holzman, Andrew Jones, Thai Ong, & Jonathan Rubright
2020 NERA Conference Co-Chairs

It is hard to believe over three months have passed since NERA 2020! We first want to say, “Thank you!” to all of you who attended, presented, and participated in the planning and execution of NERA on October 14-16, 2020.
Together, we took on many unknowns this year, and your support facilitated a successful conference. As an organization, NERA worked within a revised submission process and took on a new conference platform--virtual. We got creative with Happy Hours and meet-and-greets, Zoom-chatted with old friends and colleagues, met new ones and met the pets and children of NERA.
Nearly 200 people attended NERA 2020. With our virtual platform and support of the Membership Committee's outreach efforts, we were able to expand this year's membership base beyond the Northeast region, as well as close neighbors who usually cannot attend the conference in person. If you were a NERA “newbie,” hopefully, we can continue to engage with you at NERA 2021 and beyond.
Finally, a “Thank you!” to our sponsors. Our sponsors pledged support for NERA without hesitation in a time of uncertainty. With this support, we were able to identify and use a conference platform that met our virtual needs. With this platform, we seamlessly integrated the agenda and virtual meetings. Most importantly, the entire organization found ways to engage: 11 members organized meetups, 283 exchanged messages on the community message board, 6 shared jobs, and 56 photos were shared during the conference.
Reflecting on NERA 2020, one thing is certain: NERA is an organization of incredible individuals and organizations. It was an honor to serve NERA as the 2020 conference co-chairs, and while we worked hard to coordinate NERA 2020, our roles were made easier because of each of you. We believe we had a great conference, and hope you agree.
As we look forward to NERA 2021, we undoubtedly face many uncertainties. We hope you will continue to support NERA and the 2021 conference co-chairs as they navigate this upcoming conference season. We look forward to reconnecting with you in October!
NERA 2020 Conference Co-Chairs
Madison Holzman, Andrew Jones, Thai Ong, & Jonathan Rubright

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