The vision of the Northeastern Educational Research Association is to encourage and promote educational research by:
  • Sponsoring an annual conference at which formal presentations, feedback, and professional interchange about research occurs.
  • Promoting the sharing of professional information through publications and other types of communications.
  • Encouraging the development of research among junior researchers.
  • Helping to increase NERA's visibility with multiple audiences, including graduate students.

NERA welcomes individuals conducting research in all aspects of education including learning, curriculum and instruction, educational policy and administration, measurement, statistics, research methodology, counseling, human development, social context of education, cultural diversity, special education and rehabilitation, educational assessment, school evaluation and program development, education in the professions, post-secondary education, teaching and teacher education, technology in education, creative arts in the schools, and others.
Statement on Diversity
(Adopted by the NERA Executive Committee and Board of Directors, in May 2014)

As an elaboration of its general research mission, NERA commits itself to promoting diversity and inclusiveness and to promote activities that foster a diverse community of researchers.

NERA values human and intellectual diversity and is committed to providing a multiplicity of views and perspectives from innumerable types of educational institutions and occupations to enhance research, teaching, and the development of new knowledge. NERA believes that when a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints converge, the result is an advanced understanding of research and education.

In addition to expanding the current base of knowledge through new research, NERA seeks individuals that challenge the very ways in which we have traditionally come to understand that knowledge. This challenge may come explicitly through the presentation of new theoretical and methodological explorations, but it may also come organically through mutual engagement of members from different backgrounds, experiences, and occupations who hold different beliefs and perspectives. NERA believes the diversity of its membership leads to the advancement of learning and academic excellence. As such, NERA is committed to the recruitment and retention of members from different educational experiences and backgrounds to achieve this goal.

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