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Matthew Speno
University of New England

I hope you are well, and your doctoral journey is progressing as you have planned or unplanned. The thing with earning a doctorate, one can plan the journey, but the road sometimes takes you to parts of yourself and your research you had no idea existed. I do hope you can put aside well-laid plans for detours along the way because it is important to see what these side roads are and if it does not lead to a rabbit hole, you will be fine and dandy!
Pam, Jesús, and I met this summer to discuss how GSIC can provide a resource for you during the doctoral journey. In the past, we have generally presented two sessions at the annual NERA conference with webinars, virtual meet-ups, and committee meetings peppered around. What came out of our meeting was a commitment to look at the GSIC leadership structure to ensure continuity and consistency moving forward in a post-Covid stance.
Although the NERA conference will be held virtually this year, GSIC will sponsor two workshop sessions and a social meet-up. Our sessions will provide resources and information for current doctoral candidates along with a session targeting your post-doctoral journey of employment, academia, and beyond.
Please feel free to reach out at any time with your ideas or just to say hi (


Benefits of Serving on the Graduate Students Issues Committee
Serving on the GSIC is a great way to get involved with NERA and build relationships with other graduate students and professionals. Responsibilities include collaborating with students from various institutions to plan GSIC-sponsored, in-conference sessions and the GSIC student social. GSIC members also work with members of other NERA committees to help with additional tasks as needed. Members typically serve a 2-year term. If you are a graduate student and have questions about how to get involved with NERA, contact
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