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Beth Perkins
James Madison University

Our Mission: The mission of the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) is to support the involvement and professional development of NERA graduate student members and to reach out to new graduate students to increase the diversity of institutions represented at NERA.

Plans for NERA 2020 GSIC-Sponsored Conference Sessions
Join us, virtually, for the 51st Annual NERA Conference from October 14th–16th, 2020! The GSIC is sponsoring two sessions specifically for graduate students (although we hope the sessions will appeal to a wide range of NERA attendees). Keep an eye out for the conference program to mark the dates and times of the sessions on your calendar!
Session 1: “Navigating the In-Person or Virtual Interview Process”
Session 2: “A Good Dissertation is a Finished Dissertation, but What Comes Next? Post-Dissertation Potential”

Benefits of Serving on the Graduate Students Issues Committee
Serving on the GSIC is a great way to get involved with NERA and build relationships with other graduate students and professionals. Responsibilities include collaborating with students from various institutions to plan GSIC-sponsored, in-conference sessions and the GSIC student social. GSIC members also work with members of other NERA committees to help with additional tasks as needed. Members typically serve a 2-year term. If you are a graduate student and have questions about how to get involved with NERA, contact
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