The NERA Researcher provides membership with information concerning official business of NERA. It includes summaries of the minutes of board meetings, committee reports, news of NERA members, and other information of interest to members which is selected by the co-editors. The NERA Researcher is published three times a year, and each issue features a theme. The winter issue provides a recap of the annual conference with detailed information about the presentations and the award recipients. The spring issue contains the Call for Proposals for the upcoming conference and the call for nominations for various NERA awards. Finally, the summer/fall issue contains information regarding the annual conference including keynote speakers and other special sessions, a preliminary program, and conference highlights, not to be missed.

The NERA Researcher editors are:

           Barbara J. Helms, Independent Consultant/Copyeditor

           Elizabeth “Liz”  Stone, Consultant

           Kat Tremblay, Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst

           Maura Maxfield (O’Riordan), Senior Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst


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