2020 NERA Conference Announcement

October 14 – 16, 2020
Trumbull, CT

Dear NERA members,
We, the Conference Co-Chairs and President, have been working hard since last October to plan a fruitful program for the upcoming 51st annual NERA conference. We are excited to announce this year’s conference theme, “Say it Loud, Say it Clear: Communicating Results and Driving Change,” which focuses on the importance of effective communication in educational settings. Quality research is often our focus, but without considering effective ways to develop, communicate, and disseminate our findings, we may miss an opportunity to drive important decisions in education. It is thus critical for researchers to summarize and communicate results in meaningful ways to better inform such decisions and to reach a broader audience.
At the 2020 NERA conference, the program will cover a diverse array of educational topics, with the primary focus on effective communication in education settings. As such, we are excited to announce Dr. Nathan Kuncel as our keynote speaker. Dr. Kuncel is the Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Psychology and a McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota. His research is focused on the measurement of human cog­nitive and non-cognitive characteristics and their relationship to impor­tant life outcomes, including academic and job performance.
Additionally, we are working on finalizing invited featured seasons and workshops aligned with the following nine areas:
Measurement and PsychometricsResearch MethodsEducation and Psychology
Policy and PoliticsTeaching and Teacher EducationThe Professions
Social Context in EducationTechnology in EducationGraduate Student Issues
Our goal is to have at least one featured session and workshop aligning with each area. We hope this diverse set of featured sessions and workshops will stimulate the interest of all NERA members, including graduate students, educators, and researchers. We plan to announce the program outline with all confirmed featured sessions and workshops along with invited speakers and facilitators by early Spring.
Be on the look-out for more details in the upcoming months!
Jonathan D. Rubright
National Board of Medical Examiners
Madison Holzman
Curriculum Associates
Thai Ong
American Board of Internal Medicine
Andrew Jones
American Board of Surgery
2020 Conference Co-Chairs 

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