The spring season is often a time for reflection. We may be reflecting on things such as students’ academic, social, and emotional progress over the school year, academic decisions about schools in which to enroll, preparing for graduations and subsequent transitions, mid-year reviews of professional objectives, faculty evaluations, internships, new jobs, current and future lines of research, and the list goes on. Whatever your role, I hope that you make time this season to reflect on your accomplishments, as well as areas for growth and development. No matter the stage in your professional career, there is value in this reflective process.
NERA has been and continues to be a volunteer organization. Members are at the heart of volunteer organizations. We have some amazing members who help to make NERA an open, warm, and welcoming environment for graduate students, emerging scholars, teachers, school administrators, as well as researchers who have already made a long-standing mark on the field of educational research. As you will read in this edition of The NERA Researcher, there are many individuals working hard on behalf of NERA—including our 2019 conference program co-chairs, board of directors, committee chairs and committee members, those of you submitting workshop and conference proposals, and those who volunteer to review proposals and serve as conference session chairs and discussants. It really takes the whole NERA collective coming together to make NERA what it is today and to carry us into the next 50 years.
As I continue to reflect on this year’s conference theme, Transformation by Design, it has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on our preparations for the 50th Annual Conference, think about our evolution over the years, and make plans not just for this year, but continuing to strengthen our organizational foundation for years to come. I hope that you will join me on this journey. What does Transformation by Design mean for NERA as an organization? Does NERA need a “transformation” by design or otherwise, to continue for another 50 years? If our organization is to remain relevant and a conference of choice for educational researchers within the northeast region (and beyond!), we need to make sure that our conference program includes research that reflects the work being conducted by and of interest to our members, and reflects the variety of educational research fields in which our members work.
Be on the lookout for NERA communications about upcoming webinars, as well as additional information about the 2019 Annual Conference. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about how we can continue to serve our NERA members well into the next 50 years. You can email me at
See you in Trumbull, CT—October 16-18, 2019.  


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