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Marcia A.B. Delcourt, MA, Ph.D.  (Western Connecticut State University) is the University of Connecticut 2020 NEAG School of Education Outstanding Higher Education Professional. ( Marcia has been the coordinator of the Ed.D. program in instructional leadership at WCSU for the past 15 years, where she teaches courses in leadership, measurement, research, cognition, and curriculum and instruction. Her program has become a model for similar programs in the US, Canada, and India. A professor in the education and educational psychology department for the past two decades at WCSU, She has also held a part-time professorship at McGill University in Montreal since 2005. As the author of more than 70 publications, she has presented at national and international conferences, secured several million dollars in research grants, and been awarded commendations from WCSU, numerous national and regional educational research associations, and other entities. Marcia is the recipient of the 2017 Thomas F. Donlon Award for Outstanding Mentoring and the past Donlon award committee chair.
David Moss, Ph.D (University of Connecticut NEAG School of Education) is recognized for his groundbreaking work expanding the NEAG School of Education study abroad programs across the globe. David has spent the past 20 years coordinating UConn's longstanding London study abroad program in education and the past six years actively expanding the program to South Africa, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia, and most recently, Iceland. While each program has its unique attributes based on the host country's context, the London programs acted as a well-researcher and successful model from which to consider all other programs. For a detailed discussion of David’s program, go to David is a NERA past president and recipient of the 2011 Leo D. Doherty Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to

Nancy DeJarnette, Ed.D (University of Bridgeport) was recently named the Director of the School of Education at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT.  Her team continues to work tirelessly to develop passionate future educators!
Dr. Andrew K. Ha (Retired from SUNY Potsdam, NY) has had his poem titled “The Second Cradle” chosen to be featured in the ANTHOLOGY OF 2021 (BEST POETS OF 2020): Quarantine Edition.  This year's collection reflects sources of inspiration from both American and international poets across the world.
Paul Zachos, Ph.D. (Association for the Cooperative Advancement of Science and Education), in collaboration with Jason Brechko, Middle School Science Teacher, Glens Fall, NY, has been delivering workshops in NGSS assessment and evaluation to the New York State Master Science Teacher Program of New York. The workshops feature an action research method called the Reliability Round. Participants learn to use a method of calculating the reliability of educational measures practical for classroom assessment. Reliability rounds produce information useful for enhancing the design, implementation, and reporting of assessments and evaluating and improving curriculum and instruction. (
Kristen Huff, Ph.D. (Curriculum Associates) participated in a webinar sponsored by the NASBE titled: Acceleration vs. Remediation: Research-Driven Strategies to Address Learning Loss. The other presenters were Dr. David Steiner, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, and Dr. Matthew A. Kraft, Brown University. In its year-end stimulus package, Congress provided public schools more than $54 billion in pandemic relief and emphasized using the funds to address student learning loss. Given anticipated state and local budget shortfalls and increased student needs after months of remote learning, it is imperative that the interventions that education leaders invest in to boost students’ academic skills be research-driven. The full webinar recording can be found at

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