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Carol R. Rodgers (SUNY at Albany) published The Art of Reflective Teaching: Practicing Presence (ISBN 9-780807-763643), It is available through Teachers College Press as well as through Amazon.

Felice D. Billups (Johnson & Wales University) published Qualitative Data Collection Tools: Design, Development, and Applications with Sage. Preview the book at

Min Wang (St. John’s University) published her first book: Multimodalities and Chinese Students' L2 Practices: Positioning, Agency, and Community in March with Lexington Books, find it at
And an article entitled “It is a constant struggle of trying to 'stick to my roots’”: A narrative analysis of an immigrant's identities-in-making. In Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, can be found at 

Erin Caton Custadio, Ed.D. (Johnson & Wales University) has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, Investigating Teacher Trait Emotional Intelligence and Attitudes Toward the Social and Emotional Challenges of Students With ADHD: A Q-methodology Study of Vital Teacher Disposition Elements. The results of this multi-phase mixed-methods study revealed that teachers with the lowest levels of the trait Emotional Intelligence were also the least tolerant of the social and emotional challenges of students with ADHD. To address these matters, Custadio recently founded A New Narrative: Emotionally Conscious Teaching, an organization dedicated to developing the Emotional Intelligence of educators, while preparing them to understand the development of neurodiverse students better. For more information, please visit

Shu Jen Chen-Worley (Touro College) published a blog:  Learning, thinking, and teaching inspired by a Confucius quote. Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL), Available at: < quote.php> [Accessed 17 March 2020].


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