NERA Members: please consider submitting your professional accomplishments to The NERA Researcher at for recognition! Submissions may include completing your degree, a new publication, a new job/position, etc.

NERA Director Bo Bashkov and NERA member and former Conference Co-chair Whitney (Smiley) Coggeshall co-authored a book chapter titled “Using a Measurement Framework to Examine Item Quality/Functioning” to be published in the upcoming volume Basic Elements of Survey Research in Education: Addressing the Problems Your Advisor Never Told You About (
Beth A. Perkins, chair of the Infrastructure Committee, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, “Does Coding Method Matter? An Examination of Propensity Score Methods When the Treatment Group is Larger Than the Comparison Group” on March 26, 2021. Her advisor was Dr. S. Jeanne Horst.
Son Tan Hoang Pham, Ed.D., Stephen F. Austin State University, has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, “Get Ready for Future Education: A Phenomenological Study on Artificial Intelligence” ( His research methodology paper, Three distinctions of the Heideggerian phenomenological research method, has also been accepted to present at NERA 2021.
Deborah Bandalos, Professor and Director, Assessment and Measurement PhD Program, James Madison University was recently elected president of APA’s Division 5, starting in 2022.
Whitney Alicia Zimmerman, Ph.D. started a new position as a Data Analytics and Research Consultant with Penn State, Outreach Analytics and Reporting, Data Analytics and Research Consultant, The Pennsylvania State University
Catherine Snyder, chair of the Education Department at Clarkson University, Schenectady, NY, has been appointed to the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) board of directors.
Charity Anderson, PhD, Senior Research Associate, Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Rutgers University-Newark has a new publication: Anderson, C. (2021). “We went through a pandemic together”: Strategies for facilitating transformative learning among non-traditional adult learners during a crisis. Journal of Transformative Education, 8(1), 110–114.
Maleka Donaldson (Assistant Professor, Smith College) recently published a new book entitled From Oops to Aha: Portraits of learning from mistakes in kindergarten. Published by Rowman & Littlefield, 3 April 2021. From Oops to Aha! pulls back the curtain on learning from mistakes in four public school Kindergarten classrooms: urban, charter, Montessori, and suburban.

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