Kathryn Strom and Adrian Martin published the book (released January 2017) entitled Becoming-Teacher: A Rhizomatic Look at First-Year Teaching.

Citation: Strom, K. J., & Martin, A. D. Becoming-Teacher: A Rhizomatic Look at First-Year Teaching. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense.

NERA webmaster Bo Bashkov published the following:

Bashkov, B. M., & DeMars, C. E. (2017). Examining the perfor-mance of the Metropolis-Hastings Robbins-Monro algorithm in the estimation of multilevel multidi-mensional IRT models. Applied Psychological Measurement. doi:

Bashkov, B. M., & Finney, S. J. (2017). Apples to apples: How to investigate whether you are meas-uring the same construct over time. SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi:

Lisa Wisniewski received her doctorate from the Educational Leadership program at the University of Hartford. She is now working at Goodwin College.

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