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Francis O’Donnell, NERA Board Director, said, “I’m a firm believer that it is always possible to be kind, and that includes kindness when reporting test results.” In a recent article, Language Matters: Teacher and Parent Perceptions of Achievement Labels from Educational Tests, she authored with Steve Sireci, former NERA president, provides some answers on how to report results in ways that are clear and encouraging, focusing on achievement labels. She hopes it encourages more research in this area! Link:
Beth A. Perkins, 2022 Conference Co-chair, has been awarded a post-graduate research fellowship in the Office of Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation at the American Association of Colleges and Universities. The OCPI houses the VALUE Institute, ePortfolio resources, and the LEAP States Initiative. “The team I’m working with is just fantastic!”

Charity Anderson co-edited Dignity-Affirming Education: Cultivating the Somebodiness of Students and Educators, now available for pre-order through Teachers College Press: The official release date is April 22, 2022.

Casey Jakubowski of Medaille College is the author of A Cog in the Machine (Edumatch, 2021). In this book, Dr Jakubowski uses reflective writing to explore his path as a rural educator, a state department of education staff member, and how each part of the path influenced his role and redoubled his efforts as a rural scholar.
Matthew Speno, Ed.D, NERA Board Director and GSIC Chair, had his doctoral degree from University of New England conferred on December 31, 2021. The title of his dissertation is The Lived Experience of Rural CTE Teachers as Members of the Secondary Education Teaching Corps. Matthew’s transcendental phenomenological research concentrated on how rural secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) described their teacher professional identity as high school teachers.
Duy Pham, one of the four NERA 2022 conference co-chairs, published Examining Three Learning Progressions in Middle-school Mathematics for Formative Assessment with other long-term NERA members including past-president Craig Wells (2012), and past conference co-chair Scott Monroe (2016), Caroline Wylie, and Malcolm Bauer in Applied Measurement in Education, 34(2), 107–121. The study was conducted to evaluate a set of three inter-connected learning progressions using testlet item response theory model to build formative assessment for middle-school mathematics on the topics of Equality and Variable, Functions and Linear Functions, and Proportional Reasoning. Using the model, the authors were able to support two out of the three progressions. The article can be accessed at this link.

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