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Rachel Satter, EdD, successfully defended her dissertation in December 2023 titled “Development and Psychometric Validation of an Instrument to Measure Social-Emotional Learning and Competency for PreService Teacher Candidates” at the University of Bridgeport. Rachel designed and validated an instrument, the Satter Pre-Service Educators Social-Emotional Competencies Inventory (Satter PSESEC-I), to allow student teachers to self-assess and reflect on their abilities to use SEL/SEC in their instructional practice.

Maura O'Riordan, Ph.D., 2023 Program Co-Chair, shared the following post on LinkedIn: “One year ago, I defended my dissertation. Time has flown both personally and professionally since then! Today, I want to share the link to my dissertation. I looked at whether a text-tospeech accessibility feature improved test-taker engagement for special education students and non-special education students. Spoiler alert: The biggest takeaway was that special education students were less likely to be engaged than their peers, regardless of whether or not they had access to text-tospeech. This research furthered my feeling that (unsurprisingly) to improve testing for all; ALL LEARNERS need to be considered in the development process. I continue to care deeply about how to create and use accessible, fair, and equitable tests for all learners… but I sure am glad to be done with my dissertation!”

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