Katrina Roohr is a Managing Research Scientist in the Personalized Learning and Assessment Laboratory at the Educational Testing Service. She conducts user-centered research to develop personalized learning solutions that help learners meet their goals efficiently and effectively. Her research has focused on the assessment of student learning outcomes in higher education and training of critical competencies and cross-cutting skills (e.g., critical thinking and oral communication) for higher education and the workplace. Katrina earned her Ed.D. in Psychometric Methods, Educational Statistics, and Research Methods from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Katrina has been an active member of NERA since 2008, serving in various capacities. As a graduate student, Katrina served as a member of the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) (2009-2012), and as GSIC chair and NERA Board Member (2010-2011). As a professional, Katrina served as co-chair of the 2015 NERA Conference alongside Dr. Kimberly Colvin and Dr. Amanda Clauser. She then went on the serve as co-editor of the NERA Researcher (2017-2020), and most recently served as co-chair of the NERA Mentoring Program (2019-2020).

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