2016 Leo D. Doherty Memorial Award
for Outstanding Leadership and Service

The 2016 Leo D. Doherty Memorial Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service was awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Stone, Research Scientist at Educational Testing Service and former NERA Treasurer. The Leo D. Doherty Memorial Award is presented to a longstanding NERA member who “has generously given of self to NERA, to advance its mission and to enable it to thrive.” The award, instituted by the NERA Board of Directors in 1981, honors the memory of Leo Doherty who was instrumental in the development and growth of NERA as a professional association for educational research. Leo’s leadership qualities, both ethical and compassionate, encouraged others to pursue and achieve their goals.

Liz exemplifies the generosity of self that was so essential to Leo Doherty along with his dedication to NERA — qualities which are honored by this award. She has engaged in service to NERA in a wide range of roles, from appointed roles (including but not limited to Program Co-Chair and Treasurer) to elected (Director). Throughout her years in and around NERA’s governance, Liz has been a thoughtful and meticulous voice for NERA and its membership time and time again, whether the conversation is debating proposals for constitutional changes or evaluating proposals for organizational technology and infrastructure. As Director and then Treasurer, she acquired a vast and encyclopedic knowledge of all things NERA, with an uncanny and impressive ability to remember details, decisions, and conversations at precisely the right moment. Her observations and comments have influenced countless governance decisions, by ensuring that all of us in NERA’s leadership consider our history but also be mindful of looking forward, all the while being informed by logic and practical knowledge of NERA’s organizational systems.

Throughout her term as Treasurer, Liz was dedicated to building on our previous Treasurers’ efforts to professionalize NERA infrastructure and member services. Her efforts in that regard are largely behind-the-scenes to members but have resulted in continued improvements in members’ experiences from an administrative perspective.

Elizabeth Stone has advanced NERA’s mission and enabled it to thrive, in the words of the criteria for the Leo D. Doherty Memorial Award. As an organization, NERA is far better off because of her involvement and her service. Her actions and contributions to NERA make her eminently worthy of this important award.

On behalf of the Leo D. Doherty Award Committee and NERA membership, thank you, Liz.

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